The Aplusix Dynamic Digital Artefact


Aplusix is an application for helping secondary school students to learn algebra. It lets students solve exercises and provides feedback: it verifies the correctness of the calculations and of the end of the exercises.

Aplusix 1

Aplusix has been designed to be integrated into the regular work of the class: it is close to the paper-pencil environment, it uses a very intuitive editor of algebraic expressions (in two dimensions); it contains 400 patterns of exercises organized by themes (numerical calculation, expansion, factorization, and solving equations, inequations and systems of equations) and by complexity. It also contains an exercise editor allowing teachers to build their own lists of exercises.

The application records all of the students’ actions. This allows the student and the teacher to observe them later with a “Replay system”. Teachers also have access to statistics concerning their classes indicating the amounts of exercises they worked on, amounts of well-solved exercises, amounts of incorrect calculations, and scores.

Aplusix runs on the local network of the school. An administration application allows managing classes, teachers and students (account creation, modification and suppression). Aplusix can also be installed on a personal computer in particular at home.

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