Pedagogical Plan Manager

The Pedagogical Plan Manager has been developed within ReMath in order to support the pedagogical planning process as well as the sharing and dissemination of innovative ICT-based learning activities. The basic idea is to represent Pedagogical Plans as hierarchical entities which can be built and read at different levels of detail. This structure support both “authors” (providing them with the possibility to approach pedagogical planning as a top down process) and “readers” who can find in the top down organization a facilitating factor for understanding complex plans (grasping the general structure, relating rationales and general ideas with concrete details…). The PPM interface allows users to deal easily and naturally with the hierarchical structure, to navigate from the general to the particular and vice versa, and to explicitly select the fields they want to focus on.

The present version of PPM provides three basic functionalities:

  • management of pedagogical plans (Manager)
  • building/modifying plans (Editor)
  • viewing/navigating existing plans (Viewer)


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