The Cruislet Dynamic Digital Artefact



The ‘Cruislet’ environment is a state-of-the-art dynamic digital artefact that has been designed and developed within the ReMath project.

cruisletIt is actually a microworld designed to provide learners with the ability to be involved in exploratory activities focusing on the use of vectors navigating in 3d large scale spaces. In particular, the experimentation with the Cruislet environment focuses on the study of the development of student’s conceptions concerning the mathematically driven navigations in virtual 3-d geographical spaces.

The ‘Cruislet’ environment is a digital medium based on GIS (Geographic Information Systems) technology that incorporates a Logo programming language. It is designed for mathematically driven navigations in virtual 3d geographical spaces and is comprised of two interdependent representational systems for defining a displacement in 3d space, a spherical coordinate and a geographical coordinate system. We consider that the new representations enabled by digital media such as Cruislet can place mathematical concepts in a central role for both controlling and measuring the behaviours of objects and entities in virtual 3d environments.

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