The ReMath Objectives

The problem:

The impact of the research and development work on the use of digital media for mathematical learning and teaching in schools has been weak and unsatisfactory. This is partly due to the fragmented nature of knowledge emerging from research.

Addressing the problem:

The ReMath Project set out to develop Integrated Theoretical Framework on the use of digital media to represent mathematical ideas and generate mathematical meanings. This framework was based on experience on the cycle of design, development and use of digital media gained within the project.

This process included the following activities:

  1. The development of six new state-of-the-art Dynamic Digital Artefacts (D.D.As) for representing mathematical concepts.
  2. The development of thirteen context-sensitive Pedagogical Plans for the educational use of the DDAs.
  3. The carrying out of empirical research in realistic educational contexts. The DDAs and pedagogical plans were put to use. A cross-case analysis emerged from cross-experimentation method involving each team engaging in research both with the tool they developed and with another developed by a different team.
  4. The design and use of a web-based space (Math.Di.L.S) for collaboration, for addressing the wider public. The space was also used as a repository containing productions and other materials.
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