MThe MaLT Dynamic Digital Artefact


MaLT is a programmable constructionist environment that allows the creation, exploration and dynamic manipulation of 3d geometrical objects. It is designed integrate the symbolic notation –in the form of Logo programs– with the dynamic manipulation of 3d geometrical objects that are graphically represented a 3d Turtle Scene.

MaLT 2The geometrical objects visualised in the environment’s Turtle Scene are either constructed by the user when running logo procedures and commands or inserted by the user after selecting them from a library that offers numerous ready–made stereometric, 2 and 1d objects, such as cylinders, cones, polygons and lines.

Once inserted in the Scene the ready-made objects can be manipulated either dynamically using the handles that appear on it or by changing specific values (e.g. the radius) in the Property Editor’s corresponding fields. The manipulation of the logo-constructed objects is performed with the use of the three MaLT Variation Tools: the Uni–dimensional Variation Tool (1dVT), the Two–dimensional Variation Tool (2dVT) and the Vector Variation Tool (VVT).

Employing multiple linked representations and using jMonkey, a powerful java based game engine that renders complex 3d scenes in speeds comparable to 2d dynamic geometry tools, MaLT allows any action performed on one of its representation to generate immediate changes to another one or to the rest of its representations, providing meaningful feedback to its users.

In the new MaLT environment, the user has at her disposition three cameras so as to observe the constructions inside the Scene from different viewpoints as well as a dynamic controller for the camera movement that will allow her to navigate even inside her Turtle Scene constructs.

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